Tree Plantings

As our name suggests, we are all about increasing canopy cover in our region with more trees!  Each Spring and Fall we work toward that goal by planting trees that will add value to the landscape for generations to come. 

Bare-root Planting

For the majority of our plantings we acquire our trees from nurseries that specialize in bare-root transplanting.  This method allows the trees to keep much more of their root system intact while requiring significantly less labor and energy throughout the entire process than the traditional process of moving roots in a ball of dirt.   We can acquire bare-root specimens (usually 8-13’ tall) of a wide variety of  deciduous trees that will grow in our region. We plant, water, and mulch them and provide you with watering instructions. We guarantee survival for one year if you follow the instructions. If necessary, they will be staked for stability.  Deer protection cages can be installed at an additional cost.

Right tree, Right place

There are many shapes, sizes and other characteristics of trees,  as well as a variety of factors to consider when choosing a tree that might grow to become bigger than a house and live for hundreds of years. If you are unsure what kind of tree you would, like or where that tree should be planted, we would be happy to consult on the matter. Tell us a little bit about your ideal tree in our online request form or give us a call.

staked young tree
fruit tree close up
london plane street tree

Fruit and Nut trees

Trees are amazing, but when they produce an abundance of food for us and our non-human kin year after year, they are beyond words! Some More Trees workers are stewards of hundreds of food-bearing trees in our spare time,and we love it when our customers want to prioritize edibility.  While we can acquire common varieties of popular fruits like apples, pears, and cherries at a large size (8’-12’ tall) there are hundreds of varieties of fruit and nut trees that we can only acquire at a smaller size (approximately 2’-5’).  We highly recommend these smaller trees to families with small children who will grow right alongside the tree that they planted, eventually climbing into the canopy to harvest the bounty.